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Negative-Weight Single-Source Shortest Paths in Near-Linear Time: Now Faster!

by   Karl Bringmann, et al.

In this work we revisit the fundamental Single-Source Shortest Paths (SSSP) problem with possibly negative edge weights. A recent breakthrough result by Bernstein, Nanongkai and Wulff-Nilsen established a near-linear O(m log^8(n) log(W))-time algorithm for negative-weight SSSP, where W is an upper bound on the magnitude of the smallest negative-weight edge. In this work we improve the running time to O(m log^2(n) log(nW) loglog n), which is an improvement by nearly six log-factors. Some of these log-factors are easy to shave (e.g. replacing the priority queue used in Dijkstra's algorithm), while others are significantly more involved (e.g. to find negative cycles we design an algorithm reminiscent of noisy binary search and analyze it with drift analysis). As side results, we obtain an algorithm to compute the minimum cycle mean in the same running time as well as a new construction for computing Low-Diameter Decompositions in directed graphs.


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