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Near-optimal Reinforcement Learning in Factored MDPs: Oracle-Efficient Algorithms for the Non-episodic Setting

by   Ziping Xu, et al.

We study reinforcement learning in factored Markov decision processes (FMDPs) in the non-episodic setting. We focus on regret analyses providing both upper and lower bounds. We propose two near-optimal and oracle-efficient algorithms for FMDPs. Assuming oracle access to an FMDP planner, they enjoy a Bayesian and a frequentist regret bound respectively, both of which reduce to the near-optimal bound O(DS√(AT)) for standard non-factored MDPs. Our lower bound depends on the span of the bias vector rather than the diameter D and we show via a simple Cartesian product construction that FMDPs with a bounded span can have an arbitrarily large diameter, which suggests that bounds with a dependence on diameter can be extremely loose. We, therefore, propose another algorithm that only depends on span but relies on a computationally stronger oracle. Our algorithms outperform the previous near-optimal algorithms on computer network administrator simulations.


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