NAS-Bench-301 and the Case for Surrogate Benchmarks for Neural Architecture Search

by   Julien Siems, et al.

Neural Architecture Search (NAS) is a logical next step in the automatic learning of representations, but the development of NAS methods is slowed by high computational demands. As a remedy, several tabular NAS benchmarks were proposed to simulate runs of NAS methods in seconds. However, all existing NAS benchmarks are limited to extremely small architectural spaces since they rely on exhaustive evaluations of the space. This leads to unrealistic results, such as a strong performance of local search and random search, that do not transfer to larger search spaces. To overcome this fundamental limitation, we propose NAS-Bench-301, the first model-based surrogate NAS benchmark, using a search space containing 10^18 architectures, orders of magnitude larger than any previous NAS benchmark. We first motivate the benefits of using such a surrogate benchmark compared to a tabular one by smoothing out the noise stemming from the stochasticity of single SGD runs in a tabular benchmark. Then, we analyze our new dataset consisting of architecture evaluations and comprehensively evaluate various regression models as surrogates to demonstrate their capability to model the architecture space, also using deep ensembles to model uncertainty. Finally, we benchmark a wide range of NAS algorithms using NAS-Bench-301 allowing us to obtain comparable results to the true benchmark at a fraction of the cost.


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