NAS-Bench-101: Towards Reproducible Neural Architecture Search

by   Chris Ying, et al.

Recent advances in neural architecture search (NAS) demand tremendous computational resources. This makes it difficult to reproduce experiments and imposes a barrier-to-entry to researchers without access to large-scale computation. We aim to ameliorate these problems by introducing NAS-Bench-101, the first public architecture dataset for NAS research. To build NAS-Bench-101, we carefully constructed a compact, yet expressive, search space, exploiting graph isomorphisms to identify 423k unique convolutional architectures. We trained and evaluated all of these architectures multiple times on CIFAR-10 and compiled the results into a large dataset. All together, NAS-Bench-101 contains the metrics of over 5 million models, the largest dataset of its kind thus far. This allows researchers to evaluate the quality of a diverse range of models in milliseconds by querying the pre-computed dataset. We demonstrate its utility by analyzing the dataset as a whole and by benchmarking a range of architecture optimization algorithms.


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