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MVDLite: A Light-weight Representation of Model View Definition with Fast Validation for BIM Applications

by   Han Liu, et al.

Model View Definition (MVD) is the standard methodology to define the partial models and data exchange requirements for Building Information Model (BIM). However, the current commonly used mvdXML format is complicated and difficult to develop. In addition, the efficiency of MVD validation on large-scale models and complex rulesets is problematic. In this paper, MVDLite is proposed as a novel light-weight representation for MVD rules. By replacing data structure definitions with natural language concepts, MVDLite decouples the rules with specific IFC Schema version and is easy to use for non-IFC-experts. Based on a simplified "rule chain" structure, a fast MVD validation algorithm which performs node set mapping calculations instead of traversing the subgraphs of each root entity is proposed. A case study is provided to show the workflow for developing an enterprise-level MVD based on MVDLite, and its applications in validation and partial model extraction. The outperforming experimental results show that our method is much faster than the state-of-the-art methods on large real-world models.


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