MVD: Memory-Related Vulnerability Detection Based on Flow-Sensitive Graph Neural Networks

by   Sicong Cao, et al.
Xiamen University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Yangzhou University

Memory-related vulnerabilities constitute severe threats to the security of modern software. Despite the success of deep learning-based approaches to generic vulnerability detection, they are still limited by the underutilization of flow information when applied for detecting memory-related vulnerabilities, leading to high false positives. In this paper,we propose MVD, a statement-level Memory-related Vulnerability Detection approach based on flow-sensitive graph neural networks (FS-GNN). FS-GNN is employed to jointly embed both unstructured information (i.e., source code) and structured information (i.e., control- and data-flow) to capture implicit memory-related vulnerability patterns. We evaluate MVD on the dataset which contains 4,353 real-world memory-related vulnerabilities, and compare our approach with three state-of-the-art deep learning-based approaches as well as five popular static analysisbased memory detectors. The experiment results show that MVD achieves better detection accuracy, outperforming both state-of-theart DL-based and static analysis-based approaches. Furthermore, MVD makes a great trade-off between accuracy and efficiency.


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