MUTLA: A Large-Scale Dataset for Multimodal Teaching and Learning Analytics

by   Fangli Xu, et al.

Automatic analysis of teacher and student interactions could be very important to improve the quality of teaching and student engagement. However, despite some recent progress in utilizing multimodal data for teaching and learning analytics, a thorough analysis of a rich multimodal dataset coming for a complex real learning environment has yet to be done. To bridge this gap, we present a large-scale MUlti-modal Teaching and Learning Analytics (MUTLA) dataset. This dataset includes time-synchronized multimodal data records of students (learning logs, videos, EEG brainwaves) as they work in various subjects from Squirrel AI Learning System (SAIL) to solve problems of varying difficulty levels. The dataset resources include user records from the learner records store of SAIL, brainwave data collected by EEG headset devices, and video data captured by web cameras while students worked in the SAIL products. Our hope is that by analyzing real-world student learning activities, facial expressions, and brainwave patterns, researchers can better predict engagement, which can then be used to improve adaptive learning selection and student learning outcomes. An additional goal is to provide a dataset gathered from real-world educational activities versus those from controlled lab environments to benefit the educational learning community.


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