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musicnn: Pre-trained convolutional neural networks for music audio tagging

by   Jordi Pons, et al.
Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Pronounced as "musician", the musicnn library contains a set of pre-trained musically motivated convolutional neural networks for music audio tagging: This repository also includes some pre-trained vgg-like baselines. These models can be used as out-of-the-box music audio taggers, as music feature extractors, or as pre-trained models for transfer learning. We also provide the code to train the aforementioned models: This framework also allows implementing novel models. For example, a musically motivated convolutional neural network with an attention-based output layer (instead of the temporal pooling layer) can achieve state-of-the-art results for music audio tagging: 90.77 ROC-AUC / 38.61 PR-AUC on the MagnaTagATune dataset — and 88.81 ROC-AUC / 31.51 PR-AUC on the Million Song Dataset.


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