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Multivariate Overnight GARCH-Itô Model with Applications in Large Volatility Matrix Estimation and Prediction

by   Donggyu Kim, et al.

This paper introduces a unified multivariate overnight GARCH-Itô model for volatility matrix estimation and prediction both in the low- and high-dimensional set-up. To account for whole-day market dynamics in the financial market, the proposed model has two different instantaneous volatility processes for the open-to-close and close-to-open periods, while each embeds the discrete-time multivariate GARCH model structure. We call it the multivariate overnight GARCH-Itô (MOGI) model. Based on the connection between the discrete-time model structure and the continuous-time diffusion process, we propose a weighted least squares estimation procedure for estimating model parameters with open-to-close high-frequency and close-to-open low-frequency financial data, and establish its asymptotic theorems. We further discuss the prediction of future vast volatility matrices and study its asymptotic properties. A simulation study is conducted to check the finite sample performance of the proposed estimation and prediction methods. The empirical analysis is carried out to compare the performance of the proposed MOGI model with other benchmark methods in portfolio allocation problems.


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