Multiplicative Updates for NMF with β-Divergences under Disjoint Equality Constraints

by   Valentin Leplat, et al.

Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is the problem of approximating an input nonnegative matrix, V, as the product of two smaller nonnegative matrices, W and H. In this paper, we introduce a general framework to design multiplicative updates (MU) for NMF based on β-divergences (β-NMF) with disjoint equality constraints, and with penalty terms in the objective function. By disjoint, we mean that each variable appears in at most one equality constraint. Our MU satisfy the set of constraints after each update of the variables during the optimization process, while guaranteeing that the objective function decreases monotonically. We showcase this framework on three NMF models, and show that it competes favorably the state of the art: (1) β-NMF with sum-to-one constraints on the columns of H, (2) minimum-volume β-NMF with sum-to-one constraints on the columns of W, and (3) sparse β-NMF with ℓ_2-norm constraints on the columns of W.



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