Multiple Packing: Lower and Upper Bounds

by   Yihan Zhang, et al.

We study the problem of high-dimensional multiple packing in Euclidean space. Multiple packing is a natural generalization of sphere packing and is defined as follows. Let N>0 and L∈ℤ_≥2. A multiple packing is a set 𝒞 of points in ℝ^n such that any point in ℝ^n lies in the intersection of at most L-1 balls of radius √(nN) around points in 𝒞. We study the multiple packing problem for both bounded point sets whose points have norm at most √(nP) for some constant P>0 and unbounded point sets whose points are allowed to be anywhere in ℝ^n. Given a well-known connection with coding theory, multiple packings can be viewed as the Euclidean analog of list-decodable codes, which are well-studied for finite fields. In this paper, we derive various bounds on the largest possible density of a multiple packing in both bounded and unbounded settings. A related notion called average-radius multiple packing is also studied. Some of our lower bounds exactly pin down the asymptotics of certain ensembles of average-radius list-decodable codes, e.g., (expurgated) Gaussian codes and (expurgated) spherical codes. In particular, our lower bound obtained from spherical codes is the best known lower bound on the optimal multiple packing density and is the first lower bound that approaches the known large L limit under the average-radius notion of multiple packing. To derive these results, we apply tools from high-dimensional geometry and large deviation theory.


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