Multimodal Content Analysis for Effective Advertisements on YouTube

by   Nikhita Vedula, et al.

The rapid advances in e-commerce and Web 2.0 technologies have greatly increased the impact of commercial advertisements on the general public. As a key enabling technology, a multitude of recommender systems exists which analyzes user features and browsing patterns to recommend appealing advertisements to users. In this work, we seek to study the characteristics or attributes that characterize an effective advertisement and recommend a useful set of features to aid the designing and production processes of commercial advertisements. We analyze the temporal patterns from multimedia content of advertisement videos including auditory, visual and textual components, and study their individual roles and synergies in the success of an advertisement. The objective of this work is then to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement, and to recommend a useful set of features to advertisement designers to make it more successful and approachable to users. Our proposed framework employs the signal processing technique of cross modality feature learning where data streams from different components are employed to train separate neural network models and are then fused together to learn a shared representation. Subsequently, a neural network model trained on this joint feature embedding representation is utilized as a classifier to predict advertisement effectiveness. We validate our approach using subjective ratings from a dedicated user study, the sentiment strength of online viewer comments, and a viewer opinion metric of the ratio of the Likes and Views received by each advertisement from an online platform.


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