Multilevel Monte Carlo for uncertainty quantification in structural engineering

by   Philippe Blondeel, et al.

Practical structural engineering problems often exhibit a significant degree of uncertainty in the material properties being used, the dimensions of the modeled structures, etc. In this paper, we consider a cantilever beam and a beam clamped at both ends, both subjected to a static and a dynamic load. The material uncertainty resides in the Young's modulus, which is modeled by means of one random variable, sampled from a univariate Gamma distribution, or with multiple random variables, sampled from a Gamma random field. Three different responses are considered: the static elastic, the dynamic elastic and the static elastoplastic response. In the first two cases, we simulate the spatial displacement of a concrete beam and its frequency response in the elastic domain. The third case simulates the spatial displacement of a steel beam in the elastoplastic domain. In order to compute the statistical quantities of the static deflection and frequency response function, Multilevel Monte Carlo (MLMC) is combined with a Finite Element solver. In this paper, the computational costs and run times of the MLMC method are compared with those of the classical Monte Carlo method, demonstrating a significant speedup of up to several orders of magnitude for the studied cases.


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