Multifunctional Meta-Optic Systems: Inversely Designed with Artificial Intelligence

by   Dayu Zhu, et al.

Flat optics foresees a new era of ultra-compact optical devices, where metasurfaces serve as the foundation. Conventional designs of metasurfaces start with a certain structure as the prototype, followed by an extensive parametric sweep to accommodate the requirements of phase and amplitude of the emerging light. Regardless of how computation-consuming the process is, a predefined structure can hardly realize the independent control over the polarization, frequency, and spatial channels, which hinders the potential of metasurfaces to be multifunctional. Besides, achieving complicated and multiple functions calls for designing a meta-optic system with multiple cascading layers of metasurfaces, which introduces super exponential complexity. In this work we present an artificial intelligence framework for designing multilayer meta-optic systems with multifunctional capabilities. We demonstrate examples of a polarization-multiplexed dual-functional beam generator, a second order differentiator for all-optical computation, and a space-polarization-wavelength multiplexed hologram. These examples are barely achievable by single-layer metasurfaces and unattainable by traditional design processes.



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