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Multicomponent stress strength reliability estimation for Pareto distribution based on upper record values

by   Qazi Azhad Jamal, et al.

In this article, inferences about the multicomponent stress strength reliability are drawn under the assumption that strength and stress follow independent Pareto distribution with different shapes (α_1,α_2) and common scale parameter θ. The maximum likelihood estimator, Bayes estimator under squared error and Linear exponential loss function, of multicomponent stress-strength reliability are constructed with corresponding highest posterior density interval for unknown θ. For known θ, uniformly minimum variance unbiased estimator and asymptotic distribution of multicomponent stress-strength reliability with asymptotic confidence interval is discussed. Also, various Bootstrap confidence intervals are constructed. A simulation study is conducted to numerically compare the performances of various estimators of multicomponent stress-strength reliability. Finally, a real life example is presented to show the applications of derived results in real life scenarios.


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