Multi-view redescription mining using tree-based multi-target prediction models

06/22/2020 ∙ by Matej Mihelčić, et al. ∙ 0

The task of redescription mining is concerned with re-describing different subsets of entities contained in a dataset and revealing non-trivial associations between different subsets of attributes, called views. This interesting and challenging task is encountered in different scientific fields, and is addressed by a number of approaches that obtain redescriptions and allow for the exploration and analysis of attribute associations. The main limitation of existing approaches to this task is their inability to use more than two views. Our work alleviates this drawback. We present a memory efficient, extensible multi-view redescription mining framework that can be used to relate multiple, i.e. more than two views, disjoint sets of attributes describing one set of entities. The framework includes: a) the use of random forest of Predictive Clustering trees, with and without random output selection, and random forests of Extra Predictive Clustering trees, b) using Extra Predictive Clustering trees as a main rule generation mechanism in the framework and c) using random view subset projections. We provide multiple performance analyses of the proposed framework and demonstrate its usefulness in increasing the understanding of different machine learning models, which has become a topic of growing importance in machine learning and especially in the field of computer science called explainable data science.



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