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Multi-View Product Image Search Using Deep ConvNets Representations

by   Muhammet Bastan, et al.

Multi-view product image queries can improve retrieval performance over single view queries significantly. In this paper, we investigated the performance of deep convolutional neural networks (ConvNets) on multi-view product image search. First, we trained a VGG-like network to learn deep ConvNets representations of product images. Then, we computed the deep ConvNets representations of database and query images and performed single view queries, and multi-view queries using several early and late fusion approaches. We performed extensive experiments on the publicly available Multi-View Object Image Dataset (MVOD 5K) with both clean background queries from the Internet and cluttered background queries from a mobile phone. We compared the performance of ConvNets to the classical bag-of-visual-words (BoWs). We concluded that (1) multi-view queries with deep ConvNets representations perform significantly better than single view queries, (2) ConvNets perform much better than BoWs and have room for further improvement, (3) pre-training of ConvNets on a different image dataset with background clutter is needed to obtain good performance on cluttered product image queries obtained with a mobile phone.


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