Multi-view Clustering via Deep Matrix Factorization and Partition Alignment

05/01/2021 ∙ by Chen Zhang, et al. ∙ 0

Multi-view clustering (MVC) has been extensively studied to collect multiple source information in recent years. One typical type of MVC methods is based on matrix factorization to effectively perform dimension reduction and clustering. However, the existing approaches can be further improved with following considerations: i) The current one-layer matrix factorization framework cannot fully exploit the useful data representations. ii) Most algorithms only focus on the shared information while ignore the view-specific structure leading to suboptimal solutions. iii) The partition level information has not been utilized in existing work. To solve the above issues, we propose a novel multi-view clustering algorithm via deep matrix decomposition and partition alignment. To be specific, the partition representations of each view are obtained through deep matrix decomposition, and then are jointly utilized with the optimal partition representation for fusing multi-view information. Finally, an alternating optimization algorithm is developed to solve the optimization problem with proven convergence. The comprehensive experimental results conducted on six benchmark multi-view datasets clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm against the SOTA methods.



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