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Multi-task manifold learning for small sample size datasets

by   Hideaki Ishibashi, et al.
Kyushu Institute of Technology

In this study, we develop a method for multi-task manifold learning. The method aims to improve the performance of manifold learning for multiple tasks, particularly when each task has a small number of samples. Furthermore, the method also aims to generate new samples for new tasks, in addition to new samples for existing tasks. In the proposed method, we use two different types of information transfer: instance transfer and model transfer. For instance transfer, datasets are merged among similar tasks, whereas for model transfer, the manifold models are averaged among similar tasks. For this purpose, the proposed method consists of a set of generative manifold models corresponding to the tasks, which are integrated into a general model of a fiber bundle. We applied the proposed method to artificial datasets and face image sets, and the results showed that the method was able to estimate the manifolds, even for a tiny number of samples.


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