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Multi-Task Gaussian Processes and Dilated Convolutional Networks for Reconstruction of Reproductive Hormonal Dynamics

by   Iñigo Urteaga, et al.
University of Colorado Denver
NYU college
Columbia University

We present an end-to-end statistical framework for personalized, accurate, and minimally invasive modeling of female reproductive hormonal patterns. Reconstructing and forecasting the evolution of hormonal dynamics is a challenging task, but a critical one to improve general understanding of the menstrual cycle and personalized detection of potential health issues. Our goal is to infer and forecast individual hormone daily levels over time, while accommodating pragmatic and minimally invasive measurement settings. To that end, our approach combines the power of probabilistic generative models (i.e., multi-task Gaussian processes) with the flexibility of neural networks (i.e., a dilated convolutional architecture) to learn complex temporal mappings. To attain accurate hormone level reconstruction with as little data as possible, we propose a sampling mechanism for optimal reconstruction accuracy with limited sampling budget. Our results show the validity of our proposed hormonal dynamic modeling framework, as it provides accurate predictive performance across different realistic sampling budgets and outperforms baselines methods.


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Public repository for the work on hormonal menstrual cycle

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Python Implementation of Multi-task Gaussian Process combined with Dilated Convolutional Network

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