Multi-task convolutional neural network for image aesthetic assessment

by   Derya Soydaner, et al.
KU Leuven

As people's aesthetic preferences for images are far from understood, image aesthetic assessment is a challenging artificial intelligence task. The range of factors underlying this task is almost unlimited, but we know that some aesthetic attributes affect those preferences. In this study, we present a multi-task convolutional neural network that takes into account these attributes. The proposed neural network jointly learns the attributes along with the overall aesthetic scores of images. This multi-task learning framework allows for effective generalization through the utilization of shared representations. Our experiments demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms the state-of-the-art approaches in predicting overall aesthetic scores for images in one benchmark of image aesthetics. We achieve near-human performance in terms of overall aesthetic scores when considering the Spearman's rank correlations. Moreover, our model pioneers the application of multi-tasking in another benchmark, serving as a new baseline for future research. Notably, our approach achieves this performance while using fewer parameters compared to existing multi-task neural networks in the literature, and consequently makes our method more efficient in terms of computational complexity.


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