Multi source feedback based performance appraisal system using Fuzzy logic decision support system

by   G. Meenakshi, et al.

In Multi-Source Feedback or 360 Degree Feedback, data on the performance of an individual are collected systematically from a number of stakeholders and are used for improving performance. The 360-Degree Feedback approach provides a consistent management philosophy meeting the criterion outlined previously. The 360-degree feedback appraisal process describes a human resource methodology that is frequently used for both employee appraisal and employee development. Used in employee performance appraisals, the 360-degree feedback methodology is differentiated from traditional, top-down appraisal methods in which the supervisor responsible for the appraisal provides the majority of the data. Instead it seeks to use information gained from other sources to provide a fuller picture of employees' performances. Similarly, when this technique used in employee development it augments employees' perceptions of training needs with those of the people with whom they interact. The 360-degree feedback based appraisal is a comprehensive method where in the feedback about the employee comes from all the sources that come into contact with the employee on his/her job. The respondents for an employee can be her/his peers, managers, subordinates team members, customers, suppliers and vendors. Hence anyone who comes into contact with the employee, the 360 degree appraisal has four components that include self-appraisal, superior's appraisal, subordinate's appraisal student's appraisal and peer's appraisal .The proposed system is an attempt to implement the 360 degree feedback based appraisal system in academics especially engineering colleges.


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