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Multi-scale Information Assembly for Image Matting

by   Yu Qiao, et al.

Image matting is a long-standing problem in computer graphics and vision, mostly identified as the accurate estimation of the foreground in input images. We argue that the foreground objects can be represented by different-level information, including the central bodies, large-grained boundaries, refined details, etc. Based on this observation, in this paper, we propose a multi-scale information assembly framework (MSIA-matte) to pull out high-quality alpha mattes from single RGB images. Technically speaking, given an input image, we extract advanced semantics as our subject content and retain initial CNN features to encode different-level foreground expression, then combine them by our well-designed information assembly strategy. Extensive experiments can prove the effectiveness of the proposed MSIA-matte, and we can achieve state-of-the-art performance compared to most existing matting networks.


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