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Multi-Path Alpha-Fair Resource Allocation at Scale in Distributed Software Defined Networks

by   Zaid Allybokus, et al.

The performance of computer networks relies on how bandwidth is shared among different flows. Fair resource allocation is a challenging problem particularly when the flows evolve over time. To address this issue, bandwidth sharing techniques that quickly react to the traffic fluctuations are of interest, especially in large scale settings with hundreds of nodes and thousands of flows. In this context, we propose a distributed algorithm based on the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) that tackles the multi-path fair resource allocation problem in a distributed SDN control architecture. Our ADMM-based algorithm continuously generates a sequence of resource allocation solutions converging to the fair allocation while always remaining feasible, a property that standard primal-dual decomposition methods often lack. Thanks to the distribution of all computer intensive operations, we demonstrate that we can handle large instances at scale.


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