Multi-objective Architecture Search for CNNs

by   Thomas Elsken, et al.

Architecture search aims at automatically finding neural architectures that are competitive with architectures designed by human experts. While recent approaches have come close to matching the predictive performance of manually designed architectures for image recognition, these approaches are problematic under constrained resources for two reasons: first, the architecture search itself requires vast computational resources for most proposed methods. Secondly, the found neural architectures are solely optimized for high predictive performance without penalizing excessive resource consumption. We address the first shortcoming by proposing NASH, an architecture search which considerable reduces the computational resources required for training novel architectures by applying network morphisms and aggressive learning rate schedules. On CIFAR10, NASH finds architectures with errors below 4 days. We address the second shortcoming by proposing Pareto-NASH, a method for multi-objective architecture search that allows approximating the Pareto-front of architectures under multiple objective, such as predictive performance and number of parameters, in a single run of the method. Within 56 GPU days of architecture search, Pareto-NASH finds a model with 4M parameters and test error of 3.5 of 4.6


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