Multi-Modal Retrieval using Graph Neural Networks

by   Aashish Kumar Misraa, et al.

Most real world applications of image retrieval such as Adobe Stock, which is a marketplace for stock photography and illustrations, need a way for users to find images which are both visually (i.e. aesthetically) and conceptually (i.e. containing the same salient objects) as a query image. Learning visual-semantic representations from images is a well studied problem for image retrieval. Filtering based on image concepts or attributes is traditionally achieved with index-based filtering (e.g. on textual tags) or by re-ranking after an initial visual embedding based retrieval. In this paper, we learn a joint vision and concept embedding in the same high-dimensional space. This joint model gives the user fine-grained control over the semantics of the result set, allowing them to explore the catalog of images more rapidly. We model the visual and concept relationships as a graph structure, which captures the rich information through node neighborhood. This graph structure helps us learn multi-modal node embeddings using Graph Neural Networks. We also introduce a novel inference time control, based on selective neighborhood connectivity allowing the user control over the retrieval algorithm. We evaluate these multi-modal embeddings quantitatively on the downstream relevance task of image retrieval on MS-COCO dataset and qualitatively on MS-COCO and an Adobe Stock dataset.



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