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Multi-Modal Multi-Scale Deep Learning for Large-Scale Image Annotation

by   Yulei Niu, et al.
Renmin University of China
Queen Mary University of London
Columbia University

Large-scale image annotation is a challenging task in image content analysis, which aims to annotate each image of a very large dataset with multiple class labels. In this paper, we focus on two main issues in large-scale image annotation: 1) how to learn stronger features for multifarious images; 2) how to annotate an image with an automatically-determined number of class labels. To address the first issue, we propose a multi-modal multi-scale deep learning model for extracting descriptive features from multifarious images. Specifically, the visual features extracted by a multi-scale deep learning subnetwork are refined with the textual features extracted from social tags along with images by a simple multi-layer perception subnetwork. Since we have extracted very powerful features by multi-modal multi-scale deep learning, we simplify the second issue and decompose large-scale image annotation into multi-class classification and label quantity prediction. Note that the label quantity prediction subproblem can be implicitly solved when a recurrent neural network (RNN) model is used for image annotation. However, in this paper, we choose to explicitly solve this subproblem directly using our deep learning model, resulting in that we can pay more attention to deep feature learning. Experimental results demonstrate the superior performance of our model as compared to the state-of-the-art (including RNN-based models).


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