Multi-Level Feature Fusion Mechanism for Single Image Super-Resolution

02/14/2020 ∙ by Jiawen Lyn, et al. ∙ 0

Convolution neural network (CNN) has been widely used in Single Image Super Resolution (SISR) so that SISR has been a great success recently. As the network deepens, the learning ability of network becomes more and more powerful. However, most SISR methods based on CNN do not make full use of hierarchical feature and the learning ability of network. These features cannot be extracted directly by subsequent layers, so the previous layer hierarchical information has little impact on the output and performance of subsequent layers relatively poor. To solve above problem, a novel Multi-Level Feature Fusion network (MLRN) is proposed, which can take full use of global intermediate features. We also introduce Feature Skip Fusion Block (FSFblock) as basic module. Each block can be extracted directly to the raw multiscale feature and fusion multi-level feature, then learn feature spatial correlation. The correlation among the features of the holistic approach leads to a continuous global memory of information mechanism. Extensive experiments on public datasets show that the method proposed by MLRN can be implemented, which is favorable performance for the most advanced methods.



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