Multi-hierarchical Convolutional Network for Efficient Remote Photoplethysmograph Signal and Heart Rate Estimation from Face Video Clips

by   Panpan Zhang, et al.

Heart beat rhythm and heart rate (HR) are important physiological parameters of the human body. This study presents an efficient multi-hierarchical spatio-temporal convolutional network that can quickly estimate remote physiological (rPPG) signal and HR from face video clips. First, the facial color distribution characteristics are extracted using a low-level face feature Generation (LFFG) module. Then, the three-dimensional (3D) spatio-temporal stack convolution module (STSC) and multi-hierarchical feature fusion module (MHFF) are used to strengthen the spatio-temporal correlation of multi-channel features. In the MHFF, sparse optical flow is used to capture the tiny motion information of faces between frames and generate a self-adaptive region of interest (ROI) skin mask. Finally, the signal prediction module (SP) is used to extract the estimated rPPG signal. The experimental results on the three datasets show that the proposed network outperforms the state-of-the-art methods.



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