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Multi-Grid Redundant Bounding Box Annotation for Accurate Object Detection

by   Solomon Negussie Tesema, et al.
Université de Bourgogne

Modern leading object detectors are either two-stage or one-stage networks repurposed from a deep CNN-based backbone classifier network. YOLOv3 is one such very-well known state-of-the-art one-shot detector that takes in an input image and divides it into an equal-sized grid matrix. The grid cell having the center of an object is the one responsible for detecting the particular object. This paper presents a new mathematical approach that assigns multiple grids per object for accurately tight-fit bounding box prediction. We also propose an effective offline copy-paste data augmentation for object detection. Our proposed method significantly outperforms some current state-of-the-art object detectors with a prospect for further better performance.


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