Multi-Criteria analysis for the best location selection in Chittagong city area, Bangladesh

05/23/2020 ∙ by Abhijit Pathak, et al. ∙ 0

Multi-criteria analysis (MCA) provides a more reasonable and scientific way in optimum area selection issue. The paper aimed to select the best area in Chittagong city, Bangladesh. A decision is the result of a comparison of one or more alternatives with respect to one or more criteria that we considered relevant for the task at hand. Multi-criteria evaluation is primarily concerned with how to combine the information from several criteria to form a single index of evaluation. Multi-criteria analysis can contribute to the evaluation of a programmed or a policy through the appraisal of its impacts with regards to several criteria. As a result the optimum area of multi criteria should be considered many criteria to select best area so that any client to get owns their facility. The project work has been done based on some development area of Chittagong city. The weights for multi-criteria analysis are obtained from the factor criteria. For selection of best area there were a lot of elements that should be taken into consideration. These factors are public Hospital, Public College, Madrasha, School, Proximity to airport, Fire service, Transportations, Market, Police station, Sea beach, Number of Park, Number of Playground, House rent, Availability of gas facility. So the people who want to live in this area which is contain own their facility in Chittagong city, they can search their best place or good location by this project. People must save their time to get a sweet able location by this project.



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