Multi-Cell Mobile Edge Coded Computing: Trading Communication and Computing for Distributed Matrix Multiplication

by   Kuikui Li, et al.

A multi-cell mobile edge computing network is studied, in which each user wishes to compute the product of a user-generated data matrix with a network-stored matrix through data uploading, distributed edge computing, and output downloading. Assuming randomly straggling edge servers, this paper investigates the interplay among upload, compute, and download times in high signal-to-noise ratio regimes. A policy based on cascaded coded computing and on coordinated and cooperative interference management in uplink and downlink is proposed and proved to be approximately optimal for sufficiently large upload times. By investing more time in uplink transmission, the policy creates data redundancy at the edge nodes to reduce both computation times by coded computing, and download times via transmitter cooperation. Moreover, it allows computing times to be traded for download times.



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