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Multi-Agent Goal Assignment with Finite-Time Path Planning

by   Tony A. Wood, et al.

Minimising the longest travel distance for a group of mobile robots with interchangeable goals requires knowledge of the shortest length paths between all robots and goal destinations. Determining the exact length of the shortest paths in an environment with obstacles is challenging and cannot be guaranteed in a finite time. We propose an algorithm in which the accuracy of the path planning is iteratively increased. The approach provides a certificate when the uncertainties on estimates of the shortest paths become small enough to guarantee the optimality of the goal assignment. To this end, we apply results from assignment sensitivity assuming upper and lower bounds on the length of the shortest paths. We then provide polynomial-time methods to find such bounds by applying sampling-based path planning. The upper bounds are given by feasible paths, the lower bounds are obtained by expanding the sample set and leveraging knowledge of the sample dispersion. We demonstrate the application of the proposed method with a multi-robot path-planning case study.


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