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Multi-Agent Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Making Decentralized Offloading Decisions

by   Jing Tan, et al.

We formulate computation offloading as a decentralized decision-making problem with autonomous agents. We design an interaction mechanism that incentivizes agents to align private and system goals by balancing between competition and cooperation. The mechanism provably has Nash equilibria with optimal resource allocation in the static case. For a dynamic environment, we propose a novel multi-agent online learning algorithm that learns with partial, delayed and noisy state information, and a reward signal that reduces information need to a great extent. Empirical results confirm that through learning, agents significantly improve both system and individual performance, e.g., 40 reduction, up to 38 utilization increase with reduced load variation in high contention, and improvement in fairness. Results also confirm the algorithm's good convergence and generalization property in significantly different environments.


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