mTOCS: Mobile Teleophthalmology in Community Settings to improve Eye-health in Diabetic Population

10/28/2020 ∙ by Jannat Tumpa, et al. ∙ 0

Diabetic eye diseases, particularly Diabetic Retinopathy,is the leading cause of vision loss worldwide and can be prevented by early diagnosis through annual eye-screenings. However, cost, healthcare disparities, cultural limitations, etc. are the main barriers against regular screening. Eye-screenings conducted in community events with native-speaking staffs can facilitate regular check-up and development of awareness among underprivileged communities compared to traditional clinical settings. However, there are not sufficient technology support for carrying out the screenings in community settings with collaboration from community partners using native languages. In this paper, we have proposed and discussed the development of our software framework, "Mobile Teleophthalomogy in Community Settings (mTOCS)", that connects the community partners with eye-specialists and the Health Department staffs of respective cities to expedite this screening process. Moreover, we have presented the analysis from our study on the acceptance of community-based screening methods among the community participants as well as on the effectiveness of mTOCS among the community partners. The results have evinced that mTOCS has been capable of providing an improved rate of eye-screenings and better health outcomes.



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