MS and PAN image fusion by combining Brovey and wavelet methods

01/08/2017 ∙ by Hamid Reza Shahdoosti, et al. ∙ 0

Among the existing fusion algorithms, the wavelet fusion method is the most frequently discussed one in recent publications because the wavelet approach preserves the spectral characteristics of the multispectral image better than other methods. The Brovey is also a popular fusion method used for its ability in preserving the spatial information of the PAN image. This study presents a new fusion approach that integrates the advantages of both the Brovey (which preserves a high degree of spatial information) and the wavelet (which preserves a high degree of spectral information) techniques to reduce the colour distortion of fusion results. Visual and statistical analyzes show that the proposed algorithm clearly improves the merging quality in terms of: correlation coefficient and UIQI; compared to fusion methods including, IHS, Brovey, PCA , HPF, discrete wavelet transform (DWT), and a-trous wavelet.



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