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MR-Based Electrical Property Reconstruction Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks

by   Xinling Yu, et al.

Electrical properties (EP), namely permittivity and electric conductivity, dictate the interactions between electromagnetic waves and biological tissue. EP can be potential biomarkers for pathology characterization, such as cancer, and improve therapeutic modalities, such radiofrequency hyperthermia and ablation. MR-based electrical properties tomography (MR-EPT) uses MR measurements to reconstruct the EP maps. Using the homogeneous Helmholtz equation, EP can be directly computed through calculations of second order spatial derivatives of the measured magnetic transmit or receive fields (B_1^+, B_1^-). However, the numerical approximation of derivatives leads to noise amplifications in the measurements and thus erroneous reconstructions. Recently, a noise-robust supervised learning-based method (DL-EPT) was introduced for EP reconstruction. However, the pattern-matching nature of such network does not allow it to generalize for new samples since the network's training is done on a limited number of simulated data. In this work, we leverage recent developments on physics-informed deep learning to solve the Helmholtz equation for the EP reconstruction. We develop deep neural network (NN) algorithms that are constrained by the Helmholtz equation to effectively de-noise the B_1^+ measurements and reconstruct EP directly at an arbitrarily high spatial resolution without requiring any known B_1^+ and EP distribution pairs.


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