MPSM: Multi-prospective PaaS Security Model

by   Robail Yasrab, et al.

Cloud computing has brought a revolution in the field of information technology and improving the efficiency of computational resources. It offers computing as a service enabling huge cost and resource efficiency. Despite its advantages, certain security issues still hinder organizations and enterprises from it being adopted. This study mainly focused on the security of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) as well as the most critical security issues that were documented regarding PaaS infrastructure. The prime outcome of this study was a security model proposed to mitigate security vulnerabilities of PaaS. This security model consists of a number of tools, techniques and guidelines to mitigate and neutralize security issues of PaaS. The security vulnerabilities along with mitigation strategies were discussed to offer a deep insight into PaaS security for both vendor and client that may facilitate future design to implement secure PaaS platforms.



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