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Moving Forward by Moving Backward: Embedding Action Impact over Action Semantics

by   Kuo-Hao Zeng, et al.

A common assumption when training embodied agents is that the impact of taking an action is stable; for instance, executing the "move ahead" action will always move the agent forward by a fixed distance, perhaps with some small amount of actuator-induced noise. This assumption is limiting; an agent may encounter settings that dramatically alter the impact of actions: a move ahead action on a wet floor may send the agent twice as far as it expects and using the same action with a broken wheel might transform the expected translation into a rotation. Instead of relying that the impact of an action stably reflects its pre-defined semantic meaning, we propose to model the impact of actions on-the-fly using latent embeddings. By combining these latent action embeddings with a novel, transformer-based, policy head, we design an Action Adaptive Policy (AAP). We evaluate our AAP on two challenging visual navigation tasks in the AI2-THOR and Habitat environments and show that our AAP is highly performant even when faced, at inference-time with missing actions and, previously unseen, perturbed action space. Moreover, we observe significant improvement in robustness against these actions when evaluating in real-world scenarios.


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