Mounting Video Metadata on Transformer-based Language Model for Open-ended Video Question Answering

by   Donggeon Lee, et al.
Seoul National University

Video question answering has recently received a lot of attention from multimodal video researchers. Most video question answering datasets are usually in the form of multiple-choice. But, the model for the multiple-choice task does not infer the answer. Rather it compares the answer candidates for picking the correct answer. Furthermore, it makes it difficult to extend to other tasks. In this paper, we challenge the existing multiple-choice video question answering by changing it to open-ended video question answering. To tackle open-ended question answering, we use the pretrained GPT2 model. The model is fine-tuned with video inputs and subtitles. An ablation study is performed by changing the existing DramaQA dataset to an open-ended question answering, and it shows that performance can be improved using video metadata.


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