Motor Imagery Classification Emphasizing Corresponding Frequency Domain Method based on Deep Learning Framework

12/07/2020 ∙ by Byoung-Hee Kwon, et al. ∙ 0

The electroencephalogram, a type of non-invasive-based brain signal that has a user intention-related feature provides an efficient bidirectional pathway between user and computer. In this work, we proposed a deep learning framework based on corresponding frequency empahsize method to decode the motor imagery (MI) data from 2020 International BCI competition dataset. The MI dataset consists of 3-class, namely 'Cylindrical', 'Spherical', and 'Lumbrical'. We utilized power spectral density as an emphasize method and a convolutional neural network to classify the modified MI data. The results showed that MI-related frequency range was activated during MI task, and provide neurophysiological evidence to design the proposed method. When using the proposed method, the average classification performance in intra-session condition was 69.68 inter-session condition was 52.76 developing a BCI-based device control system for practical applications.



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