Motif-Driven Contrastive Learning of Graph Representations

by   Shichang Zhang, et al.

Graph motifs are significant subgraph patterns occurring frequently in graphs, and they play important roles in representing the whole graph characteristics. For example, in chemical domain, functional groups are motifs that can determine molecule properties. Mining and utilizing motifs, however, is a non-trivial task for large graph datasets. Traditional motif discovery approaches rely on exact counting or statistical estimation, which are hard to scale for large datasets with continuous and high-dimension features. In light of the significance and challenges of motif mining, we propose MICRO-Graph: a framework for MotIf-driven Contrastive leaRning Of Graph representations to: 1) pre-train Graph Neural Net-works (GNNs) in a self-supervised manner to automatically extract motifs from large graph datasets; 2) leverage learned motifs to guide the contrastive learning of graph representations, which further benefit various downstream tasks. Specifically, given a graph dataset, a motif learner cluster similar and significant subgraphs into corresponding motif slots. Based on the learned motifs, a motif-guided subgraph segmenter is trained to generate more informative subgraphs, which are used to conduct graph-to-subgraph contrastive learning of GNNs. By pre-training on ogbg-molhiv molecule dataset with our proposed MICRO-Graph, the pre-trained GNN model can enhance various chemical property prediction down-stream tasks with scarce label by 2.0 self-supervised learning baselines.



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