More Reliable AI Solution: Breast Ultrasound Diagnosis Using Multi-AI Combination

by   Jian Dai, et al.

Objective: Breast cancer screening is of great significance in contemporary women's health prevention. The existing machines embedded in the AI system do not reach the accuracy that clinicians hope. How to make intelligent systems more reliable is a common problem. Methods: 1) Ultrasound image super-resolution: the SRGAN super-resolution network reduces the unclearness of ultrasound images caused by the device itself and improves the accuracy and generalization of the detection model. 2) In response to the needs of medical images, we have improved the YOLOv4 and the CenterNet models. 3) Multi-AI model: based on the respective advantages of different AI models, we employ two AI models to determine clinical resuls cross validation. And we accept the same results and refuses others. Results: 1) With the help of the super-resolution model, the YOLOv4 model and the CenterNet model both increased the mAP score by 9.6 classification model are proposed. And the unified output is in a specified format to facilitate the call of the molti-AI model. 3) In the classification evaluation experiment, concatenated by the YOLOv4 model (sensitivity 57.73 specificity 90.08 92.54 input data. Correspondingly, the performance has been greatly improved to 95.91 makes the AI model more reliable in medical image diagnosis. Significance: 1) The proposed method makes the target detection model more suitable for diagnosing breast ultrasound images. 2) It provides a new idea for artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis, which can more conveniently introduce target detection models from other fields to serve medical lesion screening.


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