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More chemical detection through less sampling: amplifying chemical signals in hyperspectral data cubes through compressive sensing

by   Henry Kvinge, et al.
Physical Sciences Inc.
Colorado State University

Compressive sensing (CS) is a method of sampling which permits some classes of signals to be reconstructed with high accuracy even when they were under-sampled. In this paper we explore a phenomenon in which bandwise CS sampling of a hyperspectral data cube followed by reconstruction can actually result in amplification of chemical signals contained in the cube. Perhaps most surprisingly, chemical signal amplification generally seems to increase as the level of sampling decreases. In some examples, the chemical signal is significantly stronger in a data cube reconstructed from 10 it is in the raw, 100 real-world datasets including the Physical Sciences Inc. Fabry-Pérot interferometer sensor multispectral dataset and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab FTIR-based longwave infrared sensor hyperspectral dataset. Each of these datasets contains the release of a chemical simulant, such as glacial acetic acid, triethyl phospate, and sulfur hexafluoride, and in all cases we use the adaptive coherence estimator (ACE) to detect a target signal in the hyperspectral data cube. We end the paper by suggesting some theoretical justifications for why chemical signals would be amplified in CS sampled and reconstructed hyperspectral data cubes and discuss some practical implications.


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