Monitoring multimode processes: a modified PCA algorithm with continual learning ability

by   Jingxin Zhang, et al.

For multimode processes, one has to establish local monitoring models corresponding to local modes. However, the significant features of previous modes may be catastrophically forgotten when a monitoring model for the current mode is built. It would result in an abrupt performance decrease. Is it possible to make local monitoring model remember the features of previous modes? Choosing the principal component analysis (PCA) as a basic monitoring model, we try to resolve this problem. A modified PCA algorithm is built with continual learning ability for monitoring multimode processes, which adopts elastic weight consolidation (EWC) to overcome catastrophic forgetting of PCA for successive modes. It is called PCA-EWC, where the significant features of previous modes are preserved when a PCA model is established for the current mode. The computational complexity and key parameters are discussed to further understand the relationship between PCA and the proposed algorithm. Numerical case study and a practical industrial system in China are employed to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.



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