Monitoring electrical systems data-network equipment by means of Fuzzy and Paraconsistent Annotated Logic

by   Hyghor Miranda Cortes, et al.

The constant increase in the amount and complexity of information obtained from IT data networkelements, for its correct monitoring and management, is a reality. The same happens to data net-works in electrical systems that provide effective supervision and control of substations and hydro-electric plants. Contributing to this fact is the growing number of installations and new environmentsmonitored by such data networks and the constant evolution of the technologies involved. This sit-uation potentially leads to incomplete and/or contradictory data, issues that must be addressed inorder to maintain a good level of monitoring and, consequently, management of these systems. Inthis paper, a prototype of an expert system is developed to monitor the status of equipment of datanetworks in electrical systems, which deals with inconsistencies without trivialising the inferences.This is accomplished in the context of the remote control of hydroelectric plants and substationsby a Regional Operation Centre (ROC). The expert system is developed with algorithms definedupon a combination of Fuzzy logic and Paraconsistent Annotated Logic with Annotation of TwoValues (PAL2v) in order to analyse uncertain signals and generate the operating conditions (faulty,normal, unstable or inconsistent / indeterminate) of the equipment that are identified as importantfor the remote control of hydroelectric plants and substations. A prototype of this expert systemwas installed on a virtualised server with CLP500 software (from the EFACEC manufacturer) thatwas applied to investigate scenarios consisting of a Regional (Brazilian) Operation Centre, with aGeneric Substation and a Generic Hydroelectric Plant, representing a remote control environment.


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