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Momentum Contrast for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning

by   Kaiming He, et al.

We present Momentum Contrast (MoCo) for unsupervised visual representation learning. From a perspective on contrastive learning as dictionary look-up, we build a dynamic dictionary with a queue and a moving-averaged encoder. This enables building a large and consistent dictionary on-the-fly that facilitates contrastive unsupervised learning. MoCo provides competitive results under the common linear protocol on ImageNet classification. More importantly, the representations learned by MoCo transfer well to downstream tasks. MoCo can outperform its supervised pre-training counterpart in 7 detection/segmentation tasks on PASCAL VOC, COCO, and other datasets, sometimes surpassing it by large margins. This suggests that the gap between unsupervised and supervised representation learning has been largely closed in many vision tasks.


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Code Repositories


PyTorch implementation of MoCo:

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A TensorFlow re-implementation of Momentum Contrast (MoCo):

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TF 2.x implementation of MoCo v1 (Momentum Contrast for Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning, CVPR 2020) and MoCo v2 (Improved Baselines with Momentum Contrastive Learning, 2020).

view repo