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MOISST: Multi-modal Optimization of Implicit Scene for SpatioTemporal calibration

by   Quentin Herau, et al.
Laboratoire des Glucides

With the recent advances in autonomous driving and the decreasing cost of LiDARs, the use of multi-modal sensor systems is on the rise. However, in order to make use of the information provided by a variety of complimentary sensors, it is necessary to accurately calibrate them. We take advantage of recent advances in computer graphics and implicit volumetric scene representation to tackle the problem of multi-sensor spatial and temporal calibration. Thanks to a new formulation of the implicit model optimization, we are able to jointly optimize calibration parameters along with scene representation based on radiometric and geometric measurements. Our method enables accurate and robust calibration from data captured in uncontrolled and unstructured urban environments, making our solution more scalable than existing calibration solutions. We demonstrate the accuracy and robustness of our method in urban scenes typically encountered in autonomous driving scenarios.


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