Modified Bee Colony optimization algorithm for computational parameter identification for pore scale transport in periodic porous media

by   Vasiliy V. Grigoriev, et al.

This paper discusses an optimization method called Modified Bee Colony algorithm (MBC) based on a particular intelligent behavior of honeybee swarms. The algorithm was checked in a few benchmarks like Shekel, Rozenbroke, Himmelblau and Rastrigin functions, then was applied to parameter identification for reactive flow problems in periodic porous media. The simulation results show that the performance and efficiency of MBC algorithm are comparable to the other parameter identification methods and strategies, at the same time it is able to better capture local minima for the considered class of problems. The proposed identification approach is applicable for different geometries (random and periodic) and for a range of process parameters. In this paper the potential of the approach is demonstrated in identifying parameters of Langmuir isotherm for low Peclet and high Damkoler numbers reactive flow in a 2D periodic porous media with circular inclusions. Finite element approximation in space and implicit time discretization are exploited.


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