Modernization of Professional Training of Electromechanics Bachelors: ICT-based Competence Approach

by   Yevhenii O. Modlo, et al.

Analysis of the standards for the preparation of electromechanics in Ukraine showed that the electromechanic engineer is able to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems in a certain area of professional activity or in the process of study. These problems are characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions. The main competencies include social-personal, general-scientific, instrumental, general-professional and specialized-professional. A review of scientific publications devoted to the training of electromechanics has shown that four branches of engineering are involved in the training of electromechanical engineers: mechanical and electrical engineering (with a common core of electromechanics), electronic engineering and automation. The common use of the theory, methods and means of these industries leads to the emergence of a combined field of engineering - mechatronics. Summarizing the experience of electrical engineers professional training in Ukraine and abroad makes it possible to determine the main directions of their professional training modernization.



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